Planar PLL2410W 24" Widescreen LED LCD Monitor

Planar PLL2410W 24" Widescreen LED LCD Monitor


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Viewable Size: 23.6" diagonal (20.52" horizontal x 11.54" vertical)

I bought 3 of these. 2 of them have performed reliably. The third one exhibited failure after a few months of use. While this itself is inconvenient but not horrible what is horrible is my support experience. We shipped the monitor back via the RMA process and received a replacement monitor. This replacement monitor was bad. We again initiated the RMA process. We received another replacement monitor. This 2nd replacement monitor was bad. The probability of this happening seems impossible. We are starting to think that they are shipping monitors to us from the pile of bad monitors that customers ship to them. We're starting the RMA process for the 3rd time. Hopefully the 3rd time's the charm.

Price: $104.12

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