ASUS VE248H 24" Full HD 1920x1080 2ms HDMI DVI VGA Back-lit LED Monitor

ASUS VE248H 24" Full HD 1920x1080 2ms HDMI DVI VGA Back-lit LED Monitor


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Slim Design 24" LCD with LED backlit display with 1920x1080 resolution and Quick response time of 2ms (GTG) eliminates ghosting and tracers for more fluid video playback.

This is definitely a great monitor in most ways. The picture is amazing in every way, no complaints at all under any usage conditions (gaming, movies, general use, whatever). However, I do agree with a different review I read about the speakers being horrible. Honestly, they should have left the speakers out. Even at max volume (and I mean everything at max: the PC volume, the monitor, the media player software), these are barely audible. I have bought incredibly cheap $10 desktop stereo speakers from the store which sound better and are MUCH louder. A good-quality $20 pair of stereo speakers would easily be better than the speakers in this monitor. Other than the speakers, this monitor is wonderful. Edit 2018-1-22: Monitor still works great. About the speakers, I found the sound was only as horrible as I described when using the dedicated audio-in port for a 3.5mm plug. If you use audio over the HDMI connection (I was using DVI & the 3.5mm input prior), it is at least reasonably audible. It still isn't great quality so I still suggest a decent set of speakers (Logitech Z313) if you want anything more than to be able to hear sound from it. But you can at least hear sound at a reasonable volume, so you would be fine without external speakers if that's all or more than you want. However, I don't know any monitors with built-in speakers which will ever compare to external speakers, so you shouldn't be expecting that anyways. Read more

Price: $136.99

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